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What Maintenance Costs can you Afford?
Are the Bedrooms & Bathrooms Fit for your Purposes?
How Much Land do you Need?

3. What Maintenance Costs can you Afford?

Consider the maintenance costs of the property, for instance a thatched roof might cost more to upkeep than a tiled or slate roof. A colombages cottage may be expensive to maintain and a stone cottage may take ages to warm up if you intend using it for short breaks from time to time rather than longer holidays, whilst if you live there it may be easier to keep warm once it is warmed through.

Some French properties have been modernized to take away the original character and are completely spoilt so that although they are in good condition they may require a hefty sum to return them to their original beautiful state. As far as costs are concerned, you may find that there are not enough bathroom and toilet facilities or that the electricity is truly ancient, so that replumbing and rewiring might be a necessity if you are to make your character property into a modern working home.

These points may lead you to decide on a more modern home for sale which has good insulation, wiring, plumbing and easily maintained materials – remember there is a large choice of faux-character homes for sale in France – ie those that are built in the style of the older properties – very much as we have in the UK with a selection of Tudor or Georgian style properties.

4. Are the Bedrooms & Bathrooms Fit for your Purposes?

Whether new, recent or old, make sure the bedrooms and bathrooms will accommodate you as well as the living quarters. Do bear in mind that in the Southern half of France, that much of your time will be spent outdoors, so that possibly the size of the living area may not be as important as having a lovely covered terrace where you can enjoy your meals without having the sun beating down on you.

A kitchen that is cool rather than one with the sun shining into it might be more suitable in the hotter climes but a warm cosy kitchen with eat-in facilities may suit further North. Particularly if you are buying a second or holiday home, the idea of an open plan kitchen might suit you better as you will be there on holiday and might not want to lock yourself away to prepare meals whilst everyone else is having fun. An open plan kitchen allows you to join in whilst cooking, and possibly get other members of the family to lend a hand.

It is really important to consider the climate in the area you decide to view homes for sale in France, as this is all-important in deciding what accommodation is important.

5. How Much Land do You Need?

Along with the style of the property also comes the possibility of gardens, land or possibly just a balcony or terrace. Make sure that the style of property you would like does normally come with the size of outside space that you require. For instance town apartments don’t always have balconies where as properties by the coast often have large balconies or terraces.

Village or town houses may not have any outside access or perhaps a roof terrace or small garden whereas chateaux and manoirs may have acres of land that you really don’t want and which would be expensive to upkeep. Sometimes the owner has sold off much of the land so that you are left with just enough but occasionally the owners have built themselves a property, which is not always pretty, in the grounds of the chateau which then becomes an eyesore for you. Be aware that gardens are a responsibility and that unless you love to garden or are at least willing to maintain the garden, this will be an extra cost and if you don’t want to deal with this you should perhaps think about looking for homes for sale in France on a development where there are communal gardens which are taken care of for you.

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