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General News

Overseas Property Investment?
10 reasons to choose France as your second home.

Buying a House in France
5 Steps to Finding the Right Location for Your French Home.

Why early Spring is a good time to buy French Property
This time of year has always been the most popular for putting properties onto the market and as such, if you make your trip to view properties now you will find you are offered the widest choice of properties that are fresh on the market.

French Property Dreams? Buy a home in France
Are you going to let another year pass you by? At the very least go and have a look at some properties and make up your own mind as to whether now would be a good time to make your property purchase.

Advice on Selling Property in France
If you want to sell this summer then I should start by visiting local agencies as soon as possible with a view to putting the property on the market. The sales process is likely to take 2 – 4 month from the date that a purchaser signs a compromis.

Buying Overseas? 21 reasons to buy in France
There are several reasons why now is a good time to purchase a property in France. In case you need reminding of all the good things that France can offer here are 21 good reasons.

Beating the credit crunch: why now could be the best time to buy.
Why wait - unless your personal circumstances have been vastly altered by the present problems - then there is every reason why now is the time to start your viewing and find a property.

French Property Finance

French Banks Safety Plan
President Sarkozy rolled out a 360-billion-euro plan to shore up French banks.

Financing your Purchase of a Property in France: Finance & Mortgages
If buying a property in France is something that you really want to do, this article will take you through your finance options.

Buy in France Now with a Mortgage
Now could really be a good time to buy a property in France for many of you.

BNP Paribas is named as one of the world's safest banks
With global uncertainty over the state of the banking system, just how safe are French banks? 'The Wall Street Journal' Reports that they are amongst the safest in the world.

New Properties

Property Investment Opportunities in France – New Developments & Purchase Options
This article focuses on the ways in which investment purchases can be made on new homes in France, and the types of purchase schemes that are available.

Advantages of Buying A New Property In France ‘Off Plan’
Buying a property on a new development has many advantages.

The Buying Process: New Property in France & Off-Plan Investments
The buying process differs from buying re-sale property. The regulations governing developers when selling off plan are extremely protective of the purchaser.

Regional Spotlights

Properties for Sale in Northern France - Buy in Brittany for 75,000 Euros
Brittany is a great area to search for a property that is reasonably priced, £75,000 will still buy you a good property and because of it's peninsula shape it is probable that most properties will be within an hour of the coast, if not less.

Buying Property in Brittany
Brittany has long been a popular and welcoming destination for the British for both holidays and purchasing homes. The property market in Brittany has remained stable for last 20 years that I have been dealing with the area and prices have increased on a gradual basis in most places although there are some ‘hotspots’, mainly near or on the coast that have risen in price quite dramatically in the recent years.

French Coastal Properties: Position, position, position - The 3 most important points when purchasing a property!
If you want to make buying in France an even safer bet in these difficult times, then go for the very best position you can afford.

Cote d’Azur or French Riviera – South of France
Varied beaches, beautiful coastlines, an hour from Italy and 90 minutes from several ski resorts both in France and Italy .. the Cote d'Azur has such a lot to offer which is why over the years it became so popular. Penny tells us how it is to live or own a second home in this area.

Choosing Your Property

Buying French Gites & Farm Houses for Conversion
Advice regarding the purchase of a Gite complex or a home with outbuildings to convert to gites.

Buying a House in France
What Costs are Involved?

Buying a Town House in France
Why buying a Town House in France could represent a good French property investment option in a difficult financial climate.

Buying Land in France: Building Your Own House & Renovation Projects
If you have the time and funds available, buying land in France to build your own home is an ideal solution for many people.

Buying Property in France: Comparing New & Older Properties
An article that considers the advantages and disadvantages of old and new houses in France.

Country Property in France: Gites, Houses & Farmhouses
Country properties in France can be affordable & make ideal holiday homes. A review of gites, houses & farmhouses for sale in Normandy & southern France. Pricing by region.

properties for sale french alps
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