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Buying Property in France – New vs Old


Disadvantages of Buying a New French Property
Advantages of Purchasing an Older French Property
Old vs New Properties for Renting Out
7 Reasons to Buy New Properties in France
7 Reasons to Buy Old Properties in France

Disadvantages of Buying a New French Property

The disadvantages of buying a new property are that you may not want to wait the months for it to be completed and although some are built in the typical style of the area they do not offer the character of an old property.   However they may offer the more modern planning, spacious and open plan living areas and larger windows that we have come to expect and enjoy in brand new properties as we seem to live in a different way these days.

Advantages of Purchasing an Older French Property

Older properties offer the charm and character of a bygone era and particularly when restored using older materials, and have the true ambience of lifestyle that stressed city workers can only dream of.  For the purchaser who is looking for a little peace and quiet to get away from it all, properties can be found in pretty isolated positions if required, where the countryside is unspoiled.  They give the purchaser the opportunity of putting their own stamp on the property and for some diy lovers, transforming a wreck into a comfortable and pretty home is their greatest pleasure. 

Many of the old properties just could not be built for the price that they sell for, they have complicated structures, pigeonniers, towers etc and often have outbuildings ideal for conversion so that buyers can gradually restore and grow into their properties.   The possibility of a property with land is often a reason for buying an established home.

Purchasers feel much more as if they are living the French life – their neighbours are likely to be old established villagers who welcome the new inhabitants who will be living and spending in their commune and bringing a little interest to the area.
Buying an older property means that you see what you are buying which is more reassuring to some purchasers.  You see the layout of the property, the sizes of the rooms, the condition, the fixtures and fittings, the views etc    

The gardens will normally be landscaped – rather than buying from a picture and plan and perhaps viewing the site which may be a field on which your property will be built. 

When purchasing an old property a lower offer can often be acceptable whereas it is not normally possible to negotiate the price with new developments.  Some of the furniture, fitting and fixtures may be included in the sale if desired when buying a home that has been lived in and this might help you to move in first and think about what you really want to buy for the property once you are living there. 

Old vs New Properties for Renting Out

For those that want to rent out their property both old and new can work – however older properties need the ‘dream home’ appeal whilst modern homes just have to offer the right amenities inside and surrounding the property.

In some areas it is possible to find old and new properties at similar prices but in other areas old properties are far more expensive. In Provence old stone properties are at a premium and whereas a new 4 bedroom house with small garden, large enough to put in a pool may be found more reasonably priced. Restored village houses with terrace are popular for those who want to be walking distance to amenities and are a good alternative to an apartment in a modern block.

7 Reasons to Buy New Properties in France

  1. 10 year building guarantee. 
  2. No work to do and low maintenance – It is therefore possible to stretch yourself to the maximum as you can be sure that you wont have to fork out more money for any problem and property maintenance which will be covered by the guarantee.
  3. Security – the reason why buying on a gated complex has become popular.
  4. Well positioned, normally, by coast, golf, ski resorts or in popular towns rather than set alone away from amenities.
  5. Sociability – on a complex you are more likely to make friends with your neighbours.
  6. Easy to resell or rent including guaranteed rental possibilities.
  7. Lower notaire’s conveyancing fees – around 3% as against 6-7% on older properties.

7 Reasons to Buy Old Properties in France

  1. Character and setting of the properties.
  2. Possibility of outbuildings and land.
  3. More choice of area and position – living in real French village.
  4. Opportunity to make it exactly as you want it to be.
  5. Layout is more traditional and property generally very sturdily built.
  6. Price may be negotiable and some contents maybe included.
  7. You can see exactly what you are buying.

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