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House Purchase in France: 5 Steps to Finding the Right Home for You



Fourth Step: Review Your French Property Details
Fifth Step: Arranging your Trip to View your Selected Properties in France
How Long should you Plan to Spend House Hunting in France?
When you Find a Property that Interests You

Fourth Step: Review Your French Property Details

Collect and review property details, are they what you expected and would like, are you getting as much accommodation etc and required within the property, are some areas offering you more for your money.

Do take account of the actual position of the properties within the areas you have chosen. As with the UK and almost anywhere in the world, you will always be paying more for a better location, in fact much of the value of a property is attributed to its position so that if you have wonderful views or proximity to village with shops, or are situated amongst other beautiful properties or just happen to be in one of the more popular sections of the areas then the prices are likely to be higher for similar properties, but by the same token they will always hold their value better than those is not as good locations and will always be easier to sell when necessary.

The old adage of location location location – the three most important points when buying a property’ really is true, buy the best location you can afford – it is better to buy the worst house in the best road than the best house in the worst road – you can always improve the property but cant do anything about the position.
Once you have reviewed the selection available talk to your agent, give them your views and opinions as with this feedback it will enable the agency to further research suitable properties for you in advance of a viewing trip.

Fifth Step: Arranging your Trip to View your Selected Properties in France

A trip to view is now essential.

If, after this initial research, you have come up with an overall favourite area then I would definitely suggest that you ‘blitz’ this area first. If you are lucky enough to find a property in the area you have chosen then it will be unnecessary to trail around France further – which will cost more money which you would be better putting towards your property purchase.

If, however, after looking at everything available in that area, you have not seen anything that would tempt you, you should seriously think about looking in another area and possibly giving up on the first area – it maybe that what you have in mind just doesn’t exist there for reasons of architecture, price or proximity of suitable amenities – you really don’t want to turn your search into looking for a needle in a haystack – i.e. for something that is not generally available.

How Long should you Plan to Spend House Hunting in France?

It is probably best to spend around a week looking for properties as this is just long enough to get the feel of the area as well as time for seeing plenty of properties. If you are going to cover a fair amount of ground and see lots of properties you need to have your trip planned for you very carefully by an agent who knows the area and has travelled from village to village so that it can be planned to allow sufficient time for you to meet local agencies, view properties and view and experience the area, plus allowing the right amount of travelling time between viewing appointments.

Do bear in mind that French agencies do work on a fixed appointment system and will be keeping themselves available for you at the given time. Do your best to arrive on time and give them the time required to discuss your requirements and make further suggestions of properties that may have just come onto the market. It is likely that you might change your requirements slightly as you view properties so don’t hesitate to tell them of any changes, as it will save both you and the agent some time.

Do remember that things don’t always go 100% to plan, for example, vendors who promised to be in when the agent arrives can forget, people can be ill etc – they will all be doing their best but sometimes we expect more.

You need to have enough time to appreciate the various villages and areas that you visit, to see the landscape, visit the tourist offices and see what is available in the area, enjoy staying in the area in different villages to experience breakfast in one village, lunch in the next and perhaps dinner and bed in the next – in this way covering a lot of ground and seeing a lot of places to help you get to know the area generally. I have travelled around France a great deal over the years and am always surprised that on arriving in a village I am immediately able to decide if I like it there or not by just walking around the streets and soaking up the atmosphere, seeing the architecture and layout – very much like walking into a property when often you make an instant decision as to whether you could live there or not as you walk through the front door.

When you Find a Property that Interests You

Should you fall in love with a property then you should immediately let the agent know of your interest so that you can proceed to purchase if you wish.

If you would like more information on buying a property in France, please contact

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