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Buying Properties Overseas: 10 reasons to Choose France



French Property Prices & Investment Potential
Weather in France
French Education & Health Service
France: A Stable Economy
Variability in Regional Areas of France

French Property Prices & Investment Potential

The cost of properties in France in general is so much less than the equivalent property in the UK. The older style properties seem to cost less to buy than they would cost to build and may offer substantial benefits of land and outbuildings to those who would like them. At the other end of the scale, apartments in period blocks or small town houses in the towns an villages offer very reasonable accommodation situated in a position that will allow the owners to immediately become part of the neighbourhood.

The lower cost of property allows people to buy a second home for their own pleasure whilst at the same time giving them an investment that will grow over the years giving them a capital gain that may become their nest egg in the future or provide a stepping stone to a larger property when they are ready to downsize or sell-up in the UK. By buying in France whilst owning a property in the UK they are spreading their risks and not putting all their eggs in one basket whatever the exchange rate.

If they keep their second home in France for 16 years then no capital gains tax is payable in France. Lower prices also allow those who could not afford to buy in the UK to purchase something in France where mortgages are more easily available, subject to the normal conditions, so getting themselves on the property ladder. If they want to they can then rent this out to provide an income to help them save for a property in the UK or pay their mortgage etc.

Weather in France

Many of our clients have chosen to own properties in France because of the weather. If you live in the South of England then the weather in the North of France may not be very different, but as you move South the weather does change so that once you are past the Loire valley you can almost always expect sunny hot summers and at least be able to plan a barbecue for the week ahead!

Weather is something that affects where people buy property in france; some people are in search of snow, some for sunshine and heat, and some prefer a more temperate climate. Once again France can offer it all. The fact that all areas of France enjoy Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter does appeal rather than having a climate which is continually hot. It adds to the variety of activities you can enjoy throughout the year and makes for more easy living if you are there permanently.

French Education & Health Services

Schooling in France is a reason that some of our clients have chosen to live there. They feel that the education offered may be superior to that offered in the State education system in the UK plus the possibility of being able to choose what school to send your children to without having to pay!

Children up to the age of 11 or 12, ie before they go to senior school, seem to fair well by going straight into the French system where they will usually get some extra language help but should be speaking French fluently within very few months.

Those that are slightly older may need extra French lessons prior to going to France and whilst there for a short time in order to reach their potential.

Healthcare in France also appears to be good, if you have a second home there for holidays then with the correct forms you will be entitled to treatment. If you live and work there or are over retirement age you will also be entitled to treatment, otherwise you will need medical insurance. Whichever way you go about it you can rely on the treatment being excellent and very caring.

France: A Stable Economy

During all the financial problems experienced in the UK over the past year it appears that France has weathered them better than us. Their very strict regulations for borrowing money have kept the banks in a position where they can continue to lend to property purchasers.

Historically the French property market has been much more stable than the UK which has its highs and lows. The French house prices seem to have increased very gradually over the last 20+ years which is a much healthier and reliable way to be. Although in the last boom we did see prices rise more dramatically, this has been levelled out during the past 12 months so that prices seem to be back on an even keel.

Property has never been an investment for those who want to make a quick buck but French property is a reliable investment for those who have enough money for a deposit and who are prepared to hold their properties for several years. Those who thought they could make some quick profits found out it was not so easy when buying properties in the emerging markets as the bottom has since fallen out of the market.

Variability in Regional Areas of France

As illustrated by the above 9 points, France offers such variability of areas, landscape, architecture, activities, prices, weather so that there is something for everyone that would like to spend some time and own a property in France.

You should only be buying in France because you want to so be sure of your reasons before you embark on the search. Enjoy the process, the decisions, the search and the purchase. Use your common sense. Deal with agencies that you feel comfortable with or have been recommended to you who will help you deal with the process as they do in France: don’t expect it to be the same as the process in the UK.

Buying property is generally a good investment, but should you find that once you have your property you are not as happy with it as you thought, you can resell it and start again. You are more likely to make a profit rather than a loss which cannot be said for other large purchases such as cars that immediately lose value. The longer you own your property the more likely it is that you will make a good capital gain and the more likely it is that you will grow to love it so much that you don’t want to part with it!

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