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Buying Property in France? 21 Reasons why French Properties are the Ones to Go For



Skiing in France
French golf courses
Rural France: acres of space
French lifestyle & ambience
French festivals – music and much more
Ease of travel from UK
Popularity throughout world
Stable property market in France


If you love skiing it is a strong reason to consider buying property in France.

France is renowned for its ski stations in the Alps in Savoie and Haute Savoie, and there are plenty of other skiing areas in the Pyrenees, the Haute Alpes, Alpes de Provence so that every standard and budget of skier is catered for. It is even possible to own a property on the Mediterranean coast and reach a ski station within 90 minutes, or vice versa opening up the possibilities for enjoyment of a property.


If you are a golfer you will find that many of the French golf courses are quieter than in the UK, making it possible to enjoy a round without having to wait on every hole and generally the prices are lower. Some areas offer the possibility of a number of golf courses within say 30 minutes, such areas as Biarritz in the Pyrenees Atlantiques, Alpes Maritmes and Vaucluse in Provence, around Paris and on the Northern coast including Brittany, Normandy and Pas de Calais to name just a few areas. It is possible to become a member or to buy a ticket for a number of games which reduces the price. How lovely to enjoy a game of golf in the winter without freezing hands and having to plod through the mud.


Buying property in France for quiet, large natural spaces.

Space in France is just available – with a population around the same number as the UK and a country almost three times the size there is plenty of countryside to enjoy walking, riding, cycling and generally exploring. When it comes to property purchase, if you truly don’t want to be able to see any neighbours you can find properties that are totally isolated, or if you want some land around you for animals etc there is always a selection on offer.


I would say that this is normally the first reason that people choose France above any other country.

The French lifestyle is to be admired, and although the way people live in France does vary from region to region, often depending on climate, their total dedication to eating well, eating with the family or friends and taking their time over every meal, be it in the best restaurant, or a picnic on the beach and even workers on building sites down tools, lay the table (often a plank of wood on bricks) and sit down to enjoy their food together with their colleagues. Apart from food and wine, their general way of living, less rushed, more family orientated and taking greater enjoyment from their lives is much envied and something that many of us would like to emulate.


Almost every area of France benefits from music festivals at some time during the year, often offering free concerts, carnivals and fetes as well as jazz festivals, ballet and pop concerts. Much of this will be during the summer months but there seems to always be something going on somewhere, from Christmas markets, to lemon festivals, flower carnivals, motorbike races, grand prix, horse riding, tennis, village parties – all bringing the community together as well as giving outsiders great entertainment.


Buying property in France gives you a holiday home that is easy to access. Travel to France has become easier, quicker and cheaper over the years making it an ideal destination for those wishing to live in France permanently but not wanting to lose touch with family and friends, or for people who just want to be able to visit regularly from the UK.

Flights are cheaper and go to more places, trains provide a really thorough service throughout France.  Additionally, ferries and the Chunnel provide another means of travel and motorways and roads in general are better maintained, quieter and allow for less stressful journeys. There is always a way to get home from France, you need never be stranded there which is a comforting thought for many.


By the same token, because of its accessibility to the UK and many other countries including Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland, should you wish to rent out your property, there will be a wide market to appeal to and because of its history, wines, tradition and tourist attractions it attracts tourists from all over the world giving you every possibility of letting out your property to help pay expenses as well a wider market to sell to when you are ready.


The property market in France is traditionally stable, and there is not the same desperation by the French population to buy and own property at all costs. There are also mortgage regulations which do not allow borrowing to such high levels as the UK, which can make them impossible to pay back; these factors have kept the property market stable and although it is affected by the financial situations in the outside world, it has not got the same problems of negative equity that the UK is experiencing. This also means that buying property in France is generally more affordable.

The increases in values over the past few years have been quite substantial and compare well with the UK and although the general world slowdown in property is having some effect now. However, it took a long time to happen in France where only a small percentage of owners even have a mortgage.

This also means that there are some good bargains to be had by buying property in France now.

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