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Viewing Homes in France
Be Honest With Your Local French Property Agent
Cancelling Viewing Appointments
Finding a French Property you Think you Might Buy
If you Don’t Find the French Property you Are Looking For

Using Latitudes for Buying a Home in France
Latitudes will arrange your viewing trip as you request within reason and will advise you if they feel that you could do things in a better way.  Buying a home in france through Latitudes will take much of the hard work and stress out of the purchasing process. Latitudes have working agreements with a few hundred agents which allows them to share the commission so that they make no extra charge to you – in fact you will be paying exactly the same price as if you went direct to the agencies in France but you will get a lot of extra help.

Viewing your Prospective Properties

Having arranged to be in France for 4 - 5 days I would suggest that you meet with no more than 2 agencies per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In fact you can only do this if they are close to each other - say less than an hour, and in some cases the agencies may state that they have enough houses to show you to cover a whole day’s viewing, especially in the more rural areas where each property could be up to an hour from the agency.

It is always a good idea to allow some time to stop for lunch – your brain will need food to make the decisions you will need to be making ‘on the hoof’ whilst you are viewing and just as important will give you the opportunity of sitting down and seeing your surroundings in the villages nearby to give you the feel of the place to know if you would be happy there.

I would also suggest that if your areas a little spread out that you go and stay at a hotel in the area you will be viewing the next day. This is a good idea for many reasons – it is better to start fresh each morning without having to find your way or spent much time on the road, you will have the opportunity of having your evening meal in the area and perhaps a walk about at night to see if you like it. It is true that the agents will also act as tour guides when showing you around and you may be surprised that the parts they show you are very different to the main roads you may have passed through.

Be Honest With Your Local French Property Agent

When viewing with the agent do make it clear what you do and don’t like about a property so that the agent is able to know whether other properties he has in mind might suit or not – in this way you will save time for both of you. Don’t be shy to say if you realised that you are changing your criteria as you view – it happens to the best of us – the more you see the more you know what is important and what doesn’t matter at all.

Remember you will only get the help you need and be shown the properties that are most suitable if you work with agent and keep him informed rather than either becoming very quiet or saying everything is ‘very nice’ when you don’t really think so. This will only lead to more viewings of properties that are unlikely to be suitable whereas if you were to turn around and say ‘look – we have changed our minds - we don’t want a run down property we want a new one or we think that a village property might suit us better as we don’t like the feel of this isolation’ or anything along those lines - then you will be in a better position to see what you might like.

Cancelling Viewing Appointments

If you feel that the agent you are with is on the same wavelength but you are running out of time to see what he has, then cancel your next appointment and stay with him - or ask the agent you are with to let the staff at Latitudes know you need to cancel your next appointment; we will do the cancellation for you as there is nothing worse than making an agent wait for you having given up other appointments. When local French agents waste their time in this manner it gives a very bad reputation to prospective British buyers if they just don’t show up.

Finding a French Property you Think you Might Buy

With a bit of luck you may in fact walk into a property and know that you would be at home there, that you can afford it and would really like to have it – when this happens you do need to let the agency know even if you are not ready to make an offer – at least they may agree to not push the property elsewhere for a day or two. If you do decide to proceed and put in an offer you still have plenty of making up your mind time even after the offer is put forward – as a contract will have to be signed and then you still have a 7 day cooling off period during which you can change your mind without giving any reason.

If you Don’t Find the French Home you Are Looking For

You may not find during your ideal French home on your first trip – but having made the trip at least you are in a position to decide if this is a good time to buy and if so you will have left several agencies with a good idea of what you require so that they will be looking for you and will let you know when new and more suitable properties arrive.

At worst, if you decide that you don’t want to proceed with buying a home in France now, you will at the very least have had an enjoyable few days away plus be able to get on with your life without the constant feeling that you should be chasing your dream - which may make getting on with other aspects of your life a lot easier.

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