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Buying Property in France? 21 Reasons why French Properties are the Ones to Go For



Proximity of France to other countries
French property investment potential
Low French house prices


When you purchase property in France, you gain easy access to other countries of Europe. The fact that France is part of mainland Europe allows owners of French properties to enjoy days out in various neighbouring countries, which is something that is really appreciated by UK purchasers who are used to living on an island.

Even if they are a little too far away to manage a day trip, it is easy to take the car or train and go for 2 or 3 days to enjoy a different culture, or to make a diversion through another country whilst driving to your property.


Although most people are buying in France in order to either live there or enjoy holidays there, it is nice to know that it is a safe place to invest. As long as you appreciate that property is a reasonably long term investment and are not expecting to make a capital gain in a matter of months, you can rest assured that over the coming years the value of your purchase is likely to increase.  This means that as well as the benefit of providing accommodation for holidays for you, your family and friends, plus possible rental income, you should also be able to realize your capital plus a profit if and when you decide to sell.

You also have the added bonus in these troubled times of ‘not putting all your eggs in one basket’, i.e. spreading the risk.

One of the major benefits of purchasing property in France as against countries such as Spain and the emerging markets, is that there is still a strong domestic market and you are just as likely to be able to sell your property to a French national which obviously increases the size of the potential market you are appealing to and giving you a higher chance of selling when you wish to.

Many other countries seem to be selling properties only in English enclaves so that you have a much smaller demand and when there is the extra problem of more new properties being built next door, it makes your property harder to sell.
If you are thinking of purchasing a property in France for pure investment, this is not a bad time to do so, with prices more negotiable and rentals becoming more in demand, you are likely to be able to produce a reasonable income and the purchase price will be a lot lower than a buy-to-let in the UK.


Price of properties in France are obviously going to vary from one region to another but it is very possible to buy in France at a lower price than you would be able to in the UK, and if you are starting off in the property market it is far better to make your first investment at a lower level to try it out.

The wonderful character properties that are available in France are often priced well below what it would actually cost to build them these days.

You need to be aware of the market and in the difficult times that we have been experiencing you may find that negotiations will bring the price of a property down considerably – but it will depend on whether the owner is really keen or desperate to sell. Many rural property owners in France are not really aware of the financial problems of the world and may be quite happy to sit and wait for a price they feel is fair – very often they will only make this one property sale in their whole lifetime.

If you are a cash buyer with funds immediately ready then you may find that your offer is more appealing, but if you are going for a mortgage then be sure to get approval in principal before you start making offers so that you know exactly how much you can pay and can get it dealt with quickly in order to secure a better price.
Mortgage rates in France are lower than the UK.

Well that’s 21 really good reasons for purchasing property in France right now, as well as just a love of France and all things French.

If you are in a position to buy now then don’t let all the doom and gloom put you off, make sure that you achieve your ambition and be one of the winners of this recession.

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