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Finding Properties & Houses for Sale in France


Using Latitudes in your Search for a French Home
Tell us Your Property Requirements
Houses for Sale in France: French Property Details

If you are looking for property or houses in France for sale, then buying through Latitudes will take much of the hard work out of French house hunting and will cost you no more than it would if you were to do all the searching through French Agents by yourself.

When you use Latitudes to search for property and houses for sale in France, we will act as your UK based support and advisory service throughout your purchase. We will work directly with our local French agents on your behalf, finding suitable homes in France for sale through our network of over 300 French property agents. Our fees are paid directly by the selling agent; the local agencies share their standard commission fee that is charged to you irrespective of how you found the property. This means that there are no additional costs to you using Latitudes services; just many benefits.

So how can we help you? Apart from our services in helping you find the right homes in France for sale, we can help you plan your house hunting trip and most importantly, we can help negotiate on your behalf when you have found the property you would like to buy.

Using Latitudes in your Search for a French Home

Websites are useful to give you an idea of what you can expect for your budget in the area of your choice, but if you contact Latitudes our expertise can save you time by searching for the right houses for sale in France for you, and save your money by making your viewing trip worthwhile.  Furthermore, Latitudes will act as your expert guide and advisor at every stage of the buying process, once you have found the house you want to purchase.

Latitudes will arrange viewing itineraries that are feasible and comfortable, these will be set up so that you see as many properties as possible during your time in France, but still leave time for you to appreciate the area and your surroundings which are just as important as the property itself.

Tell us Your Property Requirements

When you register with Latitudes do tell us as much as possible about your requirements so that we are in the best position to send details of houses for sale in France that will suit you. Although it is tempting just to choose properties from websites and rush off and see them, you will save a lot of time and aggravation if you allow us to assist you in planning your viewing itinerary.

A good UK agent such as Latitudes will, at the point of making appointments for you, check that the properties are all still available, will ask any further questions you might have about the individual houses for sale, and will know the time and distances involved between French agents and areas so that you are not continually late for appointments due to miscalculation of time and distance.

We will pass on all details of your requirements as well as the properties you may have chosen to view, so that our French partner agencies will be in a position to offer similar houses for sale that may come onto the market just before your arrival.

Houses for Sale in France: French Property Details

Take note: French property details are not as full as we would expect in the UK so it is difficult to totally base your viewings on them to exclusion of everything else. You will find it more efficient to arrange to view the properties and leave time for the French agent to show you any additional properties.

Also take note that the purchasing procedure in France means that a property can be seen and the contract signed on the same day so that it is not always possible to inform you that a property is sold before you arrive.

Latitudes will check on making the appointment and you will have the French agency’s number so that if you wish, you can call ahead of your appointments to check up the day before.

So once you have decided:

  • What size of property and garden,
  • The condition of the property,
  • Whereabouts in France,
  • The position in respect to towns and villages, coast, town or country,
  • How much money you will have available for your French property purchase

... then you are about ready to contact Latitudes so we can send you a selection of suitable properties, and can make viewing arrangements for you when you are able to visit France.

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