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Buying Property in France - Making an Offer


Important Information and Facts about Buying Property or Land in France

French Property Pricing

  • The purchase price will be quoted in Euros.
  • The price normally includes the agency commission but will not include the Notaire's fees and taxes, unless stated. These amount to 7-10% of the purchase price.
  • It is wise to check with each agent as to what the price includes and how much the approximate Notaire's fees will be on the property prior to making your offer.
  • The price may be negotiable and the French agent might be able to give you a guide price that the vendor has intimated he may accept.

Making your Offer: Properties & Houses for Sale in France

  • You may make your offer direct to the French agent or through us at Latitudes, although it is advisable to let the local agent know of your interest immediately or call us from France so that we can negotiate for you.
  • Latitudes or our agent will endeavour to obtain the best possible price for you.
  • An offer to purchase may contain several conditions including obtaining a mortgage. If you are not applying for a mortgage you will have to insert a special paragraph into the contract to confirm this. A mortgage application cannot be made without a signed first contract accompanying the application form.

Your First Contract on a French Property or House Purchase

  • The contract is conditional on reports being provided in most areas for termites, asbestos and lead. The vendor must provide these by completion. In certain instances you may make the contract conditional on obtaining permission to convert outbuildings to living accommodation, permission for a pool etc. The first contract is always conditional on local searches, checking of ownership, etc which is completed by the Notaire.
  • You are not committed to the purchase until you have signed the contract and paid a deposit, and after this you still have a seven day cooling off period in which you can change your mind for any reason.

The Purchasing Process: Conveyance of Property in France by the Notaire

  • Together we and our agents can guide and assist you through the purchasing procedure. There is no extra charge for our assistance as we feel this is a service that should be included.
  • The conveyance of a property in France must be done by a Notaire the only person empowered to convey property in France. Our agent will normally recommend a local Notaire. The Notaire must be satisfied that all conditional clauses have been satisfied and all searches and reports completed prior to the final contract being signed. Our agent will accompany you to the Notaire for the final signing when the Notaire will report to you prior to the signing. A translator will be present when necessary.
  • The Notaire is able to advise on any question regarding property or family law in France.

Latitudes Guidance through to Completion

  • Our assistance will continue throughout the purchasing procedure which will normally take 2-4 months, although in some instances a much longer completion period may suit both buyer and seller.
  • Together with our agents, we will help you to put utilities into your name, and recommend any local services you may require.

Together we and our agents guide and assist you.

See our Glossary for Buying Property or Land in France for more common terms you are likely to come across.

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